An introduction

About me:

Hi there, my name is Quint. I am currently 18 years old and somehow not as much of a mess as some people think. I am currently an IT student in the Netherlands. I'm a little more enthusiastic than the average student since the amount of time i spent behind a screen is more than is considered healthy.

I do alot of experimenting with Computers and servers. I am currently running THIS very website you are reading on my home server using Linux running on ESXI. Every service has a purpose for me specifically and maybe some friends. This website is my own testing realm. It's kind of like a comfort zone to me really. I can mess around and no one complains if something breaks and i have my own free time to fix it or just scrap it all together.

Some of my experiments

I might add / remove things in case i find out something was a disaster all along or something.

Monitoring software

Some clean monitoring software using Grafana

I decided to start using monitoring software to keep track of all of my VM's and (most importantly) Uptime! I have done this using grafana and telegraf which are linked via an Influx database.

Personal mail server

I made a mail server using my own domain name.

I have made an secure mail server using Iredmail in linux debian 9 to make it possible for me to make as many mail addresses as i want. Not only that i can also come over as an overall more "official" if you will, IT guy. It took some work with DKIM & SPF dns records but got it to work in the end.

Personal cloud storage

A place to store files using Nextcloud.

After researching i decided to start hosting my own cloud storage using Nextcloud. I have quite some space left on my home server so i decided to dedicate that to Nextcloud storage.


Used to redirect my sub-domains to my interal VM's.

HaProxy is a powerful proxy for me, because it allows me to reverse proxy any of my webserver linux VM's to any of my sub-domains. I know it also allows for load balancing but i do not have the resources to do that now.


Used to easily manage my gameservers

Pterodactyl is a hard to setup but easy to use web application that allows me to host all of my gameservers in docker containers. On top of that i can use sftp to connect to the files in the container to configure everyting.

Personal Forum

Personal forum for educational purposes.

I have created my own forums for educational purposes. I.E i will post some guides on how to setup things like HaProxy or Nextcloud. I might also post quick-tips or neat tools. The forums is also self-hosted using PHPBB. EDIT: this is scrapped due to lack of use and resources.


Links that are featured in my experiments section.